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administrativa vzdělání

e-360° feedback will be provided in the my-edevelopment on-line system that focuses on your full-value development. It is a mirror projection method where the assessee is viewed from different perspectives by their colleagues, superiors or subordinates. Results are processed anonymously, so they will be viewed only by the assessor. We believe that the feedback will help you in your personal development.

administrativa vzdělání

Welcome to the selection and development centre of the my-edevelopment training system. Assessment centre is part of the recruitment process of the company where you are applying for a job. The development centre is part of the development program that you are participating in at your employer. They both operate in a virtual environment and as such, you will go through them on your computer. We wish you every success.

administrativa vzdělání is your opportunity to keep pace with the dynamically developing world. The modern and flexible study system will offer you an interactive approach to your full-value development. Choose according to your specific ideas and start.

There are 28237 people from  284  companies registered in the system. Keep your development under control and join in.

personalizace dle Vašich potřeb

Excellent, the system has been designed for you. My-edevelopment serves as company e-learning software - LMS. Register your employees and plan their development systematically. Implement your own process of learning and assessment, use the interactive features of our modern system for it and administer the content of the learning. Throughout the learning, you will have control over the results achieved by your employees.

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Let others know about you. My-edevelopment has its own myShop section where you will find a list of new interesting lectures and conferences, interesting videos and conference recordings. Do you want to publicize your conference there? Create a profile, upload the conference and promote yourself.

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Do you like the my-edevelopment system? Register and use all its advantages for training companies. Choose from the high-quality HR tools for on-line learning, 360° feedback or professional psychodiagnostics. You can manage all the tools simply from one point in our system.

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Use our system for the provision of your training. Upload your e-learning, set its price and sell simply. With our tool, your training will become easily accessible for all and you can monitor on-line sales statistics for your courses.

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Vytvoření kurzu Business English je spolufinancován z ESF a státního rozpočtu ČR v rámci projektu „Vytvoření e-learningu pro výuku business angličtiny pro počítače a mobilní aplikace pro účastníky dalšího vzdělávání JMK“ č. CZ.1.07/3.2.04 /05.0090
Business English financováno ESF
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