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Do we really have to change for better? After all, survival is not obligatory. Do we really need a new business paradigm and new business model? Or will we benefit rather from a return to roots and consistency? Is this era really different and thus requires changes in our heads? Or are we losing our heads and identity and helplessly naming the era postmodern? Archimedes said: “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth.” On our conference there will be right three such “places to stand on”: inspiring personalities capable of facing forward, proved praxis and sharing environment. We will follow up with the “places” from the last manager conferences which took place at Štiřín, repeatedly in Břevnov monastery, the State Opera House and for the last time in SaSaZu where 450 participants met, though the meeting was still very personal. We will look at transformation as a fundamental change and as a part of strategic thinking which influences, on the one hand, people and processes, on the other the whole organization triangle culture-strategy-structure. The owners, CEOs, top managers, top economists as well as masters in other fields will share their experience so that we can reinforce our unwordliness and respect. Traditionally, the Motiv P conference is held at a place not traditionally designed for conferences, this time it is going to be a circus.


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